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Bowen Classic Arms offers a wide variety of front sight blades for popular Ruger, Smith & Wesson and Colt/USFA revolvers. Largely unavailable anywhere else, these parts will enable custom pistol-smiths and shooters alike to easily produce front sight installations that meet their specific requirements. All too often, existing front sight blades are too short for proper sight regulation, especially with modern heavy-bullet hunting ammo. Others are invisible and can be improved upon with better shapes and styles and simply the crisp, sharp blades that only custom work can supply. These parts represent real savings in time and trouble to gunsmiths who would otherwise have to make such parts from scratch at considerable expense.

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Factory-style replacement blank fits Single-Six models in all calibers with screw-on front sights. The bottom of the base is easily re-machined to properly match the barrel contours of virtually any Ruger revolver or .22 semi-auto pistol with screw-on front sights. The base is slightly longer than standard for best fit to the muzzle crown. The blade is .125 wide, .600 long and .525 tall. Precisely machine, it is easy to hold in milling machine vise to machine in all manner of blade styles such...

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