Custom Pin-in Front Sight Blank


An invaluable part for situations where the original front sight cannot be readily removed and is too short, of the wrong shape, height or material. The old blade is simply milled away, a pocket machined in the existing base and the new blade pinned in with a roll pin. The installation is flexible, simple and extremely tough and is suited to a wide variety of both single and double-action revolvers. Bear in mind, however, that roll-pin blade retention is not a substitute for a proper interchangeable-blade system which should be engineered around screws or the S&W DX-type set-up. Repeated removal and re-installation can wear the pin holes in the base and blade which can lead to a loose fit. Plenty tall for regulation with heavy-bullet hunting ammunition. Made from low-carbon steel for ease of shaping, serrating and bluing. Working height of 0.500"

Please Note: Installation by a skilled gunsmith required.

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  • Model: P401

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