Factory-style replacement blank fits Single-Six models in all calibers with screw-on front sights. The bottom of the base is easily re-machined to properly match the barrel contours of virtually any Ruger revolver or .22 semi-auto pistol with screw-on front sights. The base is slightly longer than standard for best fit to the muzzle crown. The blade is .125 wide, .600 long and .525 tall. Precisely machine, it is easy to hold in milling machine vise to machine in all manner of blade styles such as McGivern bead, white-line ramp, fiber-optic dot and all the usual serrated-ramp and Patridge styles. Accepts the factory screw (not included). Finely machined and blues well. This part is a real time saver and simplifies gunsmithing and sight work on a wide variety of popular guns.

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  • Model: P415

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