Ruger Double-Action Extra-Length Firing Pin


Extra-length firing pin, made from heat-treated steel, afford improved ignition for increased accuracy and dependability of both competition and hunting revolvers. For more information please consult the Ruger Redhawk Ignition Problems article in our news section.

Please Note: There are two generations of Ruger Redhawk firing pins. The Old-style has the traditional press fit bushings while the new-style employs screw-in bushings. In addition Bowen Classic Arms offers a wrench to remove the screw-in bushing which can be found under the tools section of the parts store.

An additional note on new-style firing pins: Manually fitting a firing pin may not be everyone's forte. However, there has been an interesting development which not only makes the process easier but adds more flexibility to the equation. Tom Kilhoffer of TK Custom and Lance Shively of devised a method of installing a Bowen Classic Arms new-style extra length firing pin which involves using a variety of shims. The shim pack includes eight color coded shims of varying thickness which can be used to set the protrusion of the firing pin.

Installation by a skilled gunsmith required.

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  • Model: P110

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