Oversized Locking Base Pins


Oversize hardened and ground base pins tightens cylinder-to-receiver fit and prevents the pin from jumping forward under heavy recoil. The knurled head provides extra grip for ease of removal while the headed lock screw (included) eliminates cylinder cramping. Available for both medium and large-frame New Model Ruger revolvers. Also available in both blue and stainless.

Please note: The .250 diameter pins are suited to unaltered factory guns and will function with minimal, if any fitting. The .257 diameter pins are used in line-bored guns with line-reamed the receiver base-pin holes. They are also suitable where factory cylinder or receiver holes are grossly oversize and clearances not adequately tightened by .250 pin. Both receiver and cylinder base pin holes will have to be reamed .257 to accept these base pin.

Please note that installation requires that a small recess be milled into the barrel for the lock screw making this a job for a gunsmith or skilled machinist.

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  • Model: P200

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