4-inch Redhawk Front Sight Blank


Designed for the traditional 4-in. factory Redhawks in both .44 Magnum and .45 Colt calibers. Replaces factory blade and is pinned into the original sight slot with no modifications necessary to the gun. Extra-tall blade can be shot for regulation, if indicated, and shaped in a variety of styles, including patridge, serrated ramp, McGivern bead, white-line ramp, etc. Made from low-carbon steel for ease of shaping and bluing. Installation by a skilled gunsmith required. Working height of 0.525"

Please note: There are new 2-3/4" and 4" Ruger Redhawks employing the detachable front sight which are not compatible with this part. These models instead require part P404 - Redhawk Extra-height Front Sight Blank.

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  • Model: P407

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