Ruger Super Redhawk DX-Type Front Sight Base


Designed to replace the screw-on one-piece factory front sight on late-model Ruger Super Redhawks and the Toklat variant (not for the Alaskan model). Simple to replace with just the proper screwdriver, this sight ads enormous flexibility to these popular models. Accepts the common DX-type, hand-detachable blades (and blanks) offered in wide variety of styles, shapes and heights by a wide variety of aftermarket suppliers. In order to utilize the factory attachment set-up and simplify installation of the base, the blades are retained by a set screw accessed from the muzzle end of the base. Handsome stainless steel, corrosion-resistant part precisely machined and finished. Grooved, polished sides with top and end surfaces matte finished to reduce glare. Blades are not included. A listing of sources for blades and blanks is included.

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  • Model: P412

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